2012 Needville Harvest Fest Little Mr. and Miss Candidates

The 2012 Needville Harvest Festival is pleased to announce its candidates for the Little Mr. and Miss contest to be held on Saturday, October 20, 2012, at 1 pm at Needville Harvest Park.


Front Row:
Alexis Zepeda, Stoniebrook Charles, Raya Johnson, Cooper Mires, Brylie Nesvadba, Caylie Sebesta, Kendyl Martinez, Cole Harris, Jacey Jones, Micah Zatopek, Nycholas Lopez, Kylie Squire, Nathan Lowther
Front Seat of Gator:
Kinley Shook, Landry Meyer, Karis Morris
Back Seat of Gator:
Hope Deleon, Joshua Pietsch, Chloe Hurta
Back of Gator:
Kenndy Mires, Lane McCary, Christopher Bonham, James Auld, Tobey Yates
also pictured is:
Rihanna Sanders

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